On April 19, 1972 at a meeting in Onoway, Alberta, Ste. Anne Natural Gas Co-op Ltd. was formed. Twenty-four people were elected to form the first Board of Directors.

The Co-op was formed because rural residents wanted to be able to use natural gas to heat their homes and at that time there were no companies around that wanted to take on this task. Ste. Anne began delivering gas in late 1972 with a membership of 731 and installed 343 miles of plastic pipe.

Today, we service over 6100 natural gas members, have a service area of 3350 square kilometers and we maintain over 2109 kilometers of gas pipeline.

With 23 full time employees and nine Board Members, Ste. Anne Natural Gas Co-op is the largest rural gas distribution system in Alberta.

As a company we strive to provide outstanding service and the lowest possible rates to our members.