Line Hits

Please call the office immediately if you have made contact with a gas line at 780-967-2246 or 1-800-290-5491. If it is after hours there will be an answering service to direct you to the emergency on-call serviceman.

The consequences of hitting and/or severing a line range from a large bill and temporary loss of service to you and your neighbors to injuries and even fatalities. The financial and/or legal burden of repairing the gas line is carried by the Ste Anne Natural Gas Co-op account owner.

Please note that if a line is hit the costs will include emergency time on labour (minimum of two servicemen for emergencies), equipment, and travel (addition over-time rate if after hours) as well as materials used and calculated gas loss.

To submit a locate request you can Call 1-800-242-3447 or click here or visit their website at You can also download their mobile app here for Apple or Android.