Underground Gas Line Locating

Click Before You Dig

You must submit a locate request through Alberta One Call AND have ALL listed utilities marked or cleared before you start with any project that involves ground disturbance. Please allow at least 2 full working days before you plan to excavate for the locaters to come out and mark the lines. If it is during the busy seasons of Spring and Fall please allow for more time as the locaters can fall behind due to emergencies and etc.

Please note that SANG does not do the locating and marking of the gas lines. It will be a contracted line locating specialist marking the lines with flags, paint or stakes. SANG will not process locate requests unless directed through Alberta One Call.

Submit a locate request through Alberta One Call.

To submit a locate request you can Call 1-800-242-3447 or click here or visit their website at albertaonecall.com. You can also download their mobile app here for Apple or Android.

Please reference the image for what the markings reference and when hand exposure is necessary.

Secondary Lines

Gas lines installed from the meter to other buildings and etc. will NOT be located by Alberta One Call. The utility companies do not own these kinds of lines and therefore, have no information on the location of these lines. You will need to contact a private line locating service to have these located. Alberta One Call has a number of contact locaters listed here by region.

Line Hits

Please call the office immediately if you have made contact a gas line 780-967-2246 or 1-800-290-5491. If it is after hours there will be an answering service to direct you to the emergency on-call serviceman.

The consequences of hitting and/or severing a line range from a large bill and temporary loss of service to you and your neighbors to injuries and even fatalities. The financial and/or legal burden of repairing the gas line is carried by whomever has done the excavating.

Please note that if a line is hit the costs will include emergency time on labour (minimum of two servicemen for emergencies), equipment, and travel (addition over-time rate if after hours) as well as materials used and calculated gas loss.