Multi-Parcel Developments

SANG Co-op Ltd. endeavors to work with all developers to bring Natural Gas into their developments. Our primary responsibility is to our current and future Members/Owners, to ensure they receive safe and reliable energy.

To make this happen, SANG has set out the following requirements so that all developers are treated fairly and equitably. We require all applicable fees and documents to be in order prior to commencement.

Any ground disturbance is prohibited without current locates.

1. Documentation Required from Developer:

  • 1 (a) A duly executed Developer Agreement must be in place.
  • 1 (b) A blanket Utility Right of Way (URW) must be registered on all parcels of land that make up the proposed development.
  • 1 (c) The most current copy of the Land Title for the development.
  • 1 (d) A final, engineered drawing of the development which includes all future phases.
  • 1 (e) An engineered assessment of the current as well as future heat load requirements.
  • 1 (f) Prime Contractor MUST be established in writing and agreed upon by all parties.

2. Fees Required from Developer:

  • 2 (a) A $10,000.00 non-refundable down payment is required before any preliminary work commences. The down payment is valid for 2 years from the date of receipt. After 2 years, the money will be forfeited and any future work will require a new down payment.
  • 2 (b) 50% of the outstanding estimate is required to order material and the balance must be received prior to construction.

3. Additional Requirements

  • 3 (a) Any ground disturbance is prohibited without current locates.
  • 3 (b) We will install in common trenches, however, SANG staff will be required to complete the actual installation and witness the backfill process to ensure the integrity of the pipeline.
  • 3 (c) SANG will issue a Crossing/Proximity/Temporary Work Space agreement for all third party construction. All conditions stated must be adhered to. This includes method of exposing the line.
  • 3 (d) All construction will be carried out with Best Practices.