New Meter Installation

For our Members safety, SANG adheres to the following requirements based on the CSA B-149.1-05 Gas Code and Alberta Municipal Affairs.

Permit Needed

Requirements To Book A Meter Hang

1. Obtain a gas permit from your local Municipality:

  • SANG does not issue permits or do the inspections.
  • SANG will not hang a meter without a permit.
  • A separate "temporary" permit is required for construction heat.

2. Copy of Gas permit to SANG:

  • A completed copy with permit number must be received by SANG prior to meter installation.
  • Send to: or Fax to 780-967-3000.

3. A minimum of 48 hours notice is needed to book meter hang.

What We Look For On Site

4. Air Test:

  • Must be performed on all gas lines as per the Section 6.2 of the B-149.1-05.
  • Must hold a minimum of 15lbs for 15 minutes and be witnessed by a SANG staff Member.
  • Alternatively a "Service Completion Notification" may be filled out and sent to SANG. It must be completed in full and signed by a Journeyman.
  • Do Not subject gas shut off valves or gas control valves on appliances to test pressure.
  • Test Gauge: as per B149.1-10, 6.22.2 (b). (A 3" diameter or larger gauge and a 30 psi face is preferred so any loss in pressure can be noticed.)

5. Meter location:

  • The meter location will be confirmed with the SANG Construction Department and documented prior to installation.
  • To accommodate the meter, the building piping shall be a 18-36 inches to the right of the gas riser and terminate outside of the building.
  • Flexible gas line (brands: Tracpipe, Flexpipe etc) cannot be used to connect to the meter.

6. Appliance installation requirements:

  • All gas lines must be installed to code and tested.
  • Venting must be complete and to code.
  • Appliances must be installed to code.
  • The permit holder is responsible to fire the appliances.
Testing Gas

7. General Safety compliance:

  • SANG will do a cursory inspection for the safety of our Members.
  • Safety infractions will be brought to the attention of the Contract holder and/or permit holder.
  • As per the Alberta Municipal Safety Codes Act, SANG has the right to refuse gas service if it is deemed unsafe to do.

If SANG is unable to hang the meter due to a safety issue or an incomplete installation, a $60 travel fee will be issued to the contract/account holder.